Cornish Meadow Preserves
Cornish Meadow Preserves
Devil's Kiss, Grumpy Old Man & Hot Horseradish Mustard
16.50 GBP

Devil's Kiss (Wholegrain Mustard with Hot Chilli & Garlic) Grumpy Old Man's Mustard (Wholegrain Mustard with scrumpy cider) Hot Horseradish (Wholegrain Mustard with Hot Horseradish) - 3 of our best sellers. weight of products vary. Postage to UK address included

Cornish Honey, Garlic, Whisky & Ginger
16.50 GBP

Honey Wholegrain Mustard (made using Cornish Honey) Garlic Wholegrain Mustard (Lots of Garlic in this one) Whisky & Ginger Wholegrain Mustard ( Fine Whisky & Ginger a lovely combination) weight of products vary. Delivery to UK address included.

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