Cornish Meadow Preserves
Cornish Meadow Preserves

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Devil's Kiss, Grumpy Old Man & Hot Horseradish Mustard
16.50 GBP

Devil's Kiss (Wholegrain Mustard with Hot Chilli & Garlic) Grumpy Old Man's Mustard (Wholegrain Mustard with scrumpy cider) Hot Horseradish (Wholegrain Mustard with Hot Horseradish) - 3 of our best sellers. weight of products vary. Postage to UK address included

Cornish Honey, Garlic, Whisky & Ginger
16.50 GBP

Honey Wholegrain Mustard (made using Cornish Honey) Garlic Wholegrain Mustard (Lots of Garlic in this one) Whisky & Ginger Wholegrain Mustard ( Fine Whisky & Ginger a lovely combination) weight of products vary. Delivery to UK address included.

Marmalade Selection
16.50 GBP

Three of Our best selling Marmalades, Orange & Cointreau with a real taste of fresh oranges, Lemon & Lavender always in demand and tastes lovely, Orange & Ginger a wonderful combination of seville oranges and ginger. All Jars 340g. Price includes delivery to UK address.

3 Jar Selection
16.50 GBP

Luxury Seville Orange a great Breakfast Marmalade, Chilli Jelly, wonderful with cheese or used as a dipping sauce. Orange & Passionfruit lovely flavoured Marmalade. All Jars 340g. Price includes delivery to UK address.

Kea Plum Collection 3 Jars
17.50 GBP

Kea plums grown for at least 300 years in orchards along creek sides near Truro, black Kea plums are relatively small and are highly prized locally. Our Jam is lovely on toast, with cream on a scone or with cheese. Our Sauce is fabulous with Duck. Price includes delivery to UK address.

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